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The majority of our client's projects are custom builds because one-size does NOT fit all... We help build ideas into reality.

Solar Systems

Need an off-grid energy solution? Solar is a great way to go when power lines are not accessible. Whether on a skoolie, van, off-grid cabin or stand alone, let's get you energized (as long as the sun is shining...)

Off-Grid Building

Whether you're needing a custom tiny home built, a shed/workshop, or even a chicken coop, we build things to last. Let's design something together that will suit your needs (and it'll look pretty cool!)

Wood Burning Stoves

The warmth of a wood burning stove when its cold out is so satisfying. We've installed wood burning stoves in yurts, shed-to-cabin builds, skoolies, and even metal buildings. Let's get your stove rip-roaring keeping you toasty all winter!

Home Backup Power

When the power grid goes down, there is ZERO electricity to your house. That's a problem unless you have a home backup power source. A Generac Home Backup Generator will turn on when the grid is down, restoring your power seamlessly.

Off-Grid Consultation

Do you prefer to DIY your off-grid project but have questions on how to get stuff done? Our Off-Grid Consultation Services could help connect the dots of your ideas with the "what to do" so you can keep moving forward without feeling stuck.

Serving Southern Missouri

We're tucked away in the rolling hills between Summersville & Eminence.

  • Summersville

  • Eminence

  • Eunice

  • Mountain View

  • Hartshorn

  • Ally Spring

  • Delaware

  • Bartlett

  • Birch Tree

  • Houston

  • Teresita

  • And Surrounding Areas

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Solar System Design & Installation
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We're located between Summersville & Eminence, Missouri. Let us know where your project is located & we'll talk


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