Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Own Business? This question has filled my private message box. I hear it daily. By the end of today's blog post, you'll see exactly why now is the best time to start your own business.


Now is better than any time to start your own business. Most of us remember in 2008 when the US alone shed more than 2.6 million jobs from the financial crisis.

Who was hurt most by this? People who did not have a Plan-B setup. People who had all their eggs in one basket who were laid off (working for their employer). People who were employees with no emergency fund in place to float them until they got back in the workforce.

Who weathered the storm and were not affected by this as much? People who were independent business owners. People who had a Plan-B in place. People who had diversified their financial situation so that all their eggs were not in one basket.

So what could you do now to prevent something like that happening to you? The short answer is, Learn How To Start Your Own Business by getting on a Discovery Call.

Three Consistent Drivers Independent Business Owners Seek

1) Control Over The Kind Of Work You Do

More often than not, we are subjected to duties within a job description. Like it or not, you gotta do what your employer says.

Not when you are a business owner!

Being able to outsource the things you do not like doing to a virtual assistant is one of the easiest was for YOU to stay on task. This allows you to focus on what you enjoy most about your business and pay someone who specializes in the things you do not like to do.

There are plenty of Virtual Assistant services available online. Google it and find one that works for you!

2) Your Own Autonomy

Being autonomous is one of the main reasons I love having my business. I do not have a boss telling me what to do. Rather, I am the boss!

Having the freedom to work without someone breathing down your neck is wonderful. You do have to have some self-control and internal motivation when it comes to working. Being self-directed is essential.

3) Flexibility Over When & Where You Work

In October of 2016, I spent 9 days in Puerto Vallarta with my Adventure Partner, Erin Nicole Bick!

Talk about being flexible on when & where to work from!

We got to spend 9 days on the beach, going on excursions and adventures, while mixing in “work.”

I put the word WORK in quotes because being a hybrid business owner, our work is actually extremely fun and lucrative. Best of both worlds! We essentially travel, get paid, and get paid to travel.

The things we do in our business is:

  • Write blog posts to serve our audience
  • Syndicate the blog posts online to our audience
  • Film short videos on how to build business online
  • Follow up with people who contact us daily wanting to know how we do it

You too could Start Your Own Business Today! Feel free to schedule a Discovery Call with me and we can go over your dreams, your vision of what you want to achieve and exactly how to start off right.

Desire To Fulfill Dreams

People have started building their own businesses, not because they are scrambling to make money because they were laid off.

Rather, you are doing it because you are ready to start fulfilling your dreams.

Are you like most people who have dreams and a vision of how you want your lifestyle to be, but just cannot figure out how to start?

It's not your fault… In school, we were not taught how to be entrepreneurs or how to start our own business.

We are taught how to be an employee and how to get a job.

Because you are reading this, you are the type that wants to experience more out of life… You have dreams that you want to fulfill and you are just trying to figure out what to do, step-by-step, so that you can achieve this.

Take a deep breath and relax! You could learn how to do this step-by-step with a roadmap designed to cut through the smoke and reveal to you exactly what you could do to get started now.

Go ahead and schedule a Discovery Call today so that you can learn what to do to be successful starting NOW.

You now know Why Now Is the Best Time To Start Your Own Business. Make the decision to DO something different in your life so that you can start living your dreams and making your coworkers jealous when you fire your boss.

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