The statement about Why Entrepreneurship Is NOT For Everyone But Could Free You tends to pull people in two directions at once. Imagining being a business owner, living a limitless lifestyle, and spending holidays in the tropics or on mountain tops is quite alluring. The real question is WHY is entrepreneurship NOT for everyone?

Being an entrepreneur has no prejudice against any particular type of person, race, religion, upbringing, or ability. Anything that an entrepreneur does could be learned.

So if the skills could be learned, why are more people not cut out for entrepreneurship? Why is it that we see “normal” people experiencing extreme success and limitless lifestyles?

How many times have you seen someone who has success as an entrepreneur and you think, “Really? THAT person is successful!?… If THEY could do it, then I sure as heck can blow them out of the water!” and then a month goes by and you quit.

What does THAT person have that YOU do not? and what could YOU do to get what THAT person has?

These questions frustrate you, for good reason… Because for years, and years I too had the same questions until I found the “THING” that those others have and that they wouldn't share.

Maybe the simple answer to the questions that have you completely perplexed is that they got “lucky…” Sorry to say, but luck has nothing to do with it. The people who are the most lucky are the ones whose actions & decisions line up with the path necessary to achieve the ultimate result – A sustainable business and becoming a bona fide entrepreneur.


Don't Quit Your Job

In my last job, I was a digital asset manager, product photographer, digital image retoucher, and web page updater (not a programmer… just completed updates on web pages…)

It was 3 years of what seemed to be good starting off, until one day I almost snapped. I had the epiphany in my mind, “Am I going to die in a cubicle?”

The white noise being pumped into the sea of cubicles was at the perfect tone so that one couldn't hear the person on the phone in the next cubicle over.

How strange is it that almost 60 people were working side-by-side, separated by 1.5″ cubicle walls and all you could hear is static…

Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and various other artists would blast from my cube-o-hell.

That's the moment that I had to do something different. I needed Adventure! I needed excitement! I needed to make a difference in people's lives!

After a long 7 month application period, I was hired on to the local fire department and was given a 5-Day notice for when the academy was to begin.

I typed out a quick letter of resignation and marched straight over to my boss' office to quit.

With one quick motion I closed the door and exclaimed, “I'm going to be a firefighter when I grow up!”

Needless to say, she was not thrilled. But that didn't matter because I learned that if you don't watch out for yourself, then others may not have your best intentions in mind.

The only reason why I quit my job the way I did was because I already had something else lined up, which gave me financial peace of mind that I would not have to worry about paying bills or putting food on the table.

It has been a great career move and I have made a huge impact in people's lives… Brought people back to life who were in cardiac arrest… saved property from being completely burned… rescued people from the most horrific car crashes… narrowly escaped death from almost getting run over on the highway one too many times… and never successfully contracted meningitis when caring for patients who did not know they had it, only to die the next day.


Are the risks worth it?

Regardless of how close to death I have been, there are inherent risks associated in ANYTHING you do in life.

There was once a Federal IRS worker who, that day, didn't take his break at the time that EVERYONE took their prescribed breaks. It was tax season and he wanted to get more done. As he worked hard, a man with a chip on his shoulder flew his single engine plane into the building where over 200 people worked. Two people passed away… The pilot of the plane and that one IRS worker.

Regardless of what you do for work, there's no guarantee of a “safe” place.

Go ahead and continue feeling like you are safe where you are… Think about the possibilities in your life that you are leaving on the table. The places you could experience… The ones you love that you would be experiencing those things with.

The thing missing for those with JOBs is that the travel, adventures, and experiences have to stay in the local area because that is where your anchor of a job is keeping you. Not to say jobs are “bad,” BUT if you feel like you have a higher calling and just don't know how to take the next step, don't quit your job quite yet, and keep reading because the risks are worth it when you do.


Entrepreneurship is NOT for Everyone, but may be for you…

Looking at entrepreneurial and business magazines, we see the success stories of individuals who led normal lives. The reason they are on the magazine cover is because of what they did. The actions they take. The decisions they make. The time invested in learning a set of skills that we all have access to.

You don't need to go to Harvard Business School to learn to become an entrepreneur.

To do it, you must be able to learn and apply what is available.

So… To get back to the questions from the beginning on WHY entrepreneurship is not for everyone, we must look into some traits that are required of entrepreneurs, which ends up being the reason why it is not for everyone, BUT may be for you!

Your preference is to follow orders – Rather than being the one to direct yourself, you prefer to be told what to do. There's nothing wrong with that. We need employees to be able to follow orders and not question WHY.

For the Entrepreneurial Minded Person, your drive is to be the one in charge, making business owner decisions and directing your own path. You don't need a “boss” telling you what to do because YOU are a boss!

You prefer to build someone else's dreams, rather than your own – This is also a an employee mindset. Some people would prefer to live unfulfilled lives and just be on autopilot, doing what others tell them to do. That's cool! Entrepreneurs need people like this so that they can free up their own time to focus on their business building activities. This gives entrepreneurs time by freeing up the mundane, repetitive tasks that are quite often time consuming.

You do not like to work hard – Employees, tend to do as little as possible so as not to get fired. Now, I'm not going to place every single employee in the Galaxy into this group… However! I used to work in a cubicle… I know the struggles! I was there and have the 1,000 yard stare from the PTSD I incurred during my time in the “cubicle fox hole.”

The plain and simple truth is that being an entrepreneur is hard work. Some say, “Hard work pays off…” which is completely true. I have heard others say, “Work smarter, not harder…” and this is true as well. Regardless of how you flip the coin, being an entrepreneur can be extremely fulfilling. And there is something special about seeing what you put your blood, sweat and tears into that is extremely exciting.

You do not take failure well – Rather than learning from a failure, you crawl into a hole and hide. Failure is something that entrepreneurs use as learning points!

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

If you are the type that does not grow from finding out what does NOT work, then stick to your day job.

Now… If you are the type that wants to learn from things that did not work, you may be able to grab entrepreneurship by the horns and ride it to success!

The freedom that entrepreneurship provides is more time off, more time to spend with the ones you love, more time to go on adventures, more time to go and experience things you never thought you could, and more time to develop your next endeavour.

To be the ultimate Entrepreneur, you are someone who becomes a business owner, NOT a business operator.

Business Operators are those who must keep their hands in the business. They are an integral part in making the business run. Essentially, you are a glorified employee who makes decisions and executes the decisions yourself. This is not freedom.

Business Owners are those who get a business setup, implements automatons & outsources tasks so that YOU do not have to be a cog in the business machine. Your business continues to grow because of what you have set in motion. Once a week, or on the schedule you set, you check in with those you entrust to operate the business just to ensure everything's running smoothly. This form of entrepreneurship gives you the ultimate freedom and is what you will learn by implementing a marketing platform, like the one I implement.


Entrepreneurship Could Free You

Are you the employee type?

OR – Are you the type of person who wants more in life? Are you the type of person that sits there at your JOB and you feel like there has to be a way to start developing something on the side that could, in time, free you on many more levels than you could think of right now?

You are ready to make your work actually count. You work day in, day out for a company that is probably thriving. The owners of that company were where you are earlier in their own lives. The difference between them and you is that they took actions that lead them to develop something that would free them.

YOU have that option! No matter how many years you are in the workforce, you have the ability to learn and implement what you learn.

IMAGINE what life could be like 6 months, 12 months or even further out! What would being an entrepreneur do for you? Would you be able to experience more adventures with the ones you love the most? Would it free up time so that you could spend it with your loved ones more? Would you be able to go experience amazing cultures and places because you no longer have to go clock in?

Make a decision & take action on that decision. Because you are reading this post, you are most likely the type that has the ability to learn information and implement what you learn. This will allow you to either find a business to build or improve the business you currently own and are just struggling to make it fly.

Go ahead and take the 10-day trial for $10 bucks. This will allow you unlimited access to begin learning and implementing the business building techniques to grow your brand, your clientele, and increase your profits.


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