Stop trying to succeed! You will fail if you TRY! By the end of this post, you’re going to know exactly what to DO instead of TRY.

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I think it is sad how many people say, “I gave it my best try…” or “keep on trying!”

Stop Trying

STOP trying NOW! If you switch your mindset to that of success, you will no longer have to TRY to be successful at anything.

People that try to be successful are NOT giving it their all. They are not DOING what is necessary to succeed. The key word here is, “DO.”

When To Stop Trying

The moment you realize that you want to be successful at something, you need to throw that old word, “try” out the window. If you want to be successful, you need to dedicate your time and effort into doing the things that are required to be successful.

If a baby who was learning how to walk stood up, fell over and thought, “well… I tried…” that child would never learn how to walk because they lacked desire and drive to achieve. Rather, every time they fell, their actions reflected that of a successful mentality – they continued to ACT and DO until they walked.

100% of my business partners who told me as they were enrolling to partner with my company, “well, I’ll give it the best try I can…” or “Let’s see if I’ll be successful. I’ll give it a shot and try…” ALL of them have failed and are no longer working their businesses.

It is all about your mindset.

HOWEVER! Nearly ALL of my business partners who said that they were going to take ACTION and work their businesses have been successful. Why? Because they did not TRY to work their business… they took action and made it happen. Needless to say, everyone who is successful in my business has also been a failure along the way. I am one of the biggest failures I know. The difference between those that TRY and fail and myself is that I keep getting up, dust off my trousers and think, “Well… THAT wasn’t successful…” I then chalk that experience up as not a favorable result for the actions taken, and then I tweak my next set of actions to continue towards success.

Those that fail the most are often the most successful! This is because they have more experience in things that did not work and are able to coach others on techniques that are proven to work!

As long as you keep getting up and DOING, you will be successful. Now if you keep repeating the actions that were a failure, that is just insane! You have got to DO things differently if something didn’t work the first time. Don’t just go on repeating the same thing over and over! You get the point!

You now have the permission to stop trying so that you can FINALLY become successful!

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