Did you know that you could Rewrite Your History Of Thanksgiving, Ensures Prosperous Future? Too often do we look back in time and are not thankful for where we are from or what we went through to get to where we are today. By rewriting your history of Thanksgiving, you can consciously change the future, which rewrites your history. Thankfully!

This morning I was on the daily wake-up call and one of my mentors, Ryan Cody McMorris. He was talking about being thankful for where you have been from and if you are not happy with where you are, why not rewrite your history? Begin to give thanks for where you are and where you came from.

Do you want to ensure a prosperous future?

Are you like most people who regret the past?

You are not alone! I too used to have regret for things I have done in my life until I learned that I wouldn't be the person I am today without those experiences.

Through personal development and meditation, I found that no matter what you have done in the past, you can grow from those experiences.

The way to make the best of it is to not repeat history and learn from mistakes… grow from them… learn how to do things better and use your experiences as lessons to show others how you overcame those situations.

Change Your History

Are you NOT where you want to be today?

Then CHANGE your history.

What you do TODAY will be history TOMORROW.

If you are not going to be proud of your history, then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

If you are NOT where you wish you would be today, you can change your past starting today.

How is this? As soon as tomorrow happens, today will be the past. What are you going to do TODAY to make your tomorrow brighter, more prosperous, and have a lasting impact on you and your family’s life?

Are you tight on finances? Work at something that pays you more than your current JOB.

Are you in a business and are not getting results? DO something different in your business because your current actions may not be in line with the results you are desiring. Get training that will result in what you are wanting to achieve.

We all have choices.

What we do with those choices are our future's history.

YOU are the creator of your past.

I can say the same thing sooo many different ways!

It wasn't until I started building my business online that it started growing faster than when building it offline.

One way to change your history is to start building your business online. As soon as you start moving to the online world, you will start getting more people actually reaching out to you. This will help you to grow and rewrite your history!

Do something different if you are not getting the results you are wanting.


History of Thanksgiving (YOUR Thanksgiving)

Every year on Thanksgiving, people take the day off. It is a Holiday!

Change the history of Thanksgiving for YOU! Rather than taking the whole day off, set some time aside to connect with people, grow your business.

Don't get me wrong! I love a day off, every so often… But my days off are NOT completely “off.”

Instead, I work towards my Zero-Level. This is the minimum amount that I do each day. Most days, I blow this out of the water, but on my “days off” I still do the minimum.

Most people overeat on Thanksgiving, lounge around in a food coma getting drunk with the family.

If you start the day off with meditation, complete your zero-level, then you can be happy with taking the rest of the afternoon off!

Make the History of Thanksgiving different for you and your family. Rewrite your history by making a conscious decision to constantly work towards an extraordinary life!


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