I went skydiving and found out quick Why Jumping Without Parachute Is Not An Excellent Idea. The safety talk was long, hilarious, and ominous all at once.

Was I going to make it to the ground? Absolutely!

But was I going to be flat once I hit? If I had no parachute, you betcha!

It was between my 20th & 30th birthdays when I started to live more reckless than ever.

I don’t know if it was the excessive drinking that made me reckless or my desire for adventures.

What was the purpose of all this?

Where was my destination?

Was there even a destination? (or was it just death at the end?)

Until last year, I had not heard of personal development…. Well… I had heard of it, but knew that it was only for people who had mental problems.

Come to find out, maybe that was me!? Maybe I had mental problems! No… that was not the case.

I started to suite up for my jump. The instructor said that I was not to wear a parachute for this jump. How was I to land safely or is this how I was to go?

Jumping into a harness, I was told that I would be strapped to some Dude who DID have a parachute. Ok… This is making more sense now. This is what’s called a “tandem” skydive where there is one big-ass parachute for 2 people who are clipped together with some carabiners.

That’s how most people’s first jump is done… I was cool with that.

We talked a bit about the necessity of a parachute and how if you don’t have one, you are most likely shit-out-of-luck because you do not have a safety net if things went wrong.

Unless you are Luke Aikins, who did jump without a parachute into a 10,000 square foot net. Not advisable…

You do not pass GO…

You do NOT collect $200…

This is how most people live… without a parachute.

When I went to college, it was the next “step” in life. I was told that, “you just need to get that piece of paper… it doesn’t matter what it is for… Just get it!”

So I did… Just like a lot of people do. We are essentially lemmings.

College is designed to groom people for the “real world.” People are groomed into employees.

They are groomed to follow instructions…

They are groomed to be an employee for someone else.

When you are an employee, you have ONE source of income (unless you work multiple, hourly jobs). It is just like being strapped to that Dude who has the parachute.

There’s no safety net unless YOU make the decision to build a safety net.

You have an opportunity parachute that will take you from just existing to living!

At some point, your safety net becomes so big that it is time to unclip from The Dude and start flying your own course. It is time to continue the jump with a parachute that YOU have developed.

IMAGINE that you are flying at terminal velocity (strapped to The Dude) and that Dude cuts you free. What would happen? Would you hit the ground – SPLAT?

Or would you be able to fly on your own?

Now IMAGINE that the company you work for cuts you free. They experienced bad numbers for the year and they are downsizing… YOU are no longer “necessary.” What would happen? Are you going to be able to fly on your own?

The ominous reality is that most people cannot fly on their own. Most people are “jumping without parachute.” In other words, most people are working a JOB and do not have a safety net… they have no second or third stream of income that would allow them to fly safely if they were let go.

Now IMAGINE that you had built up a cool online business in your spare time. This is something that you built up to either match or exceed your current JOB’s income. You have customers, clients, & business partners.

What does it feel like now to be cut free? You no longer have an “anchor” of a JOB where you must go clock in… You are financially secure because YOU make the decision for building your business, how much you earn, when you work it, WHERE you work it (no kidding! WiFi at the beach or ski lodge… Sounds good to me!)

You have the time freedom that you previously did not have.

You are grateful that the company you worked for pushed you by cutting you free. You now have more time to spend with the ones you love. You have more time to dedicate to building YOUR dreams instead of the dreams of the company owner you worked for.

You are now truly free!

Working at a JOB and NOT having a “parachute” is the reality of millions of people, worldwide.

YOU are the factor that can change this for your own life.

The goal is to learn how to begin this journey. This isn’t something that will replace your income this week. Rather, this is something you could develop over the next year or more.

IMAGINE what life would be like 12 months from now if you develop something now. You would have peace of mind, financial security, more time to spend with the ones you love the most, and the ability to travel or BE anywhere you want to be.

You can do this!

Jump on a Discovery Call with me to explore your vision, what is it that you resonate with in life, and what you want to achieve. Doing this online is not for everyone… I know this… But for the certain person that TRULY wants the freedom I experience; I’ll show you exactly what I did to make this happen.

You’ll have access to a wealth of information, how-to videos, and most importantly, a step-by-step guide so that you know that you are on the right path.

It is time for YOU to make this next year the best one you have ever had!

The power is all in your hands to make the decision to start something for yourself.

Go ahead and Schedule a Discovery Call at a time that works best for you. Here, we will discover, together, what your passions in life are, what the vision of your future looks like, and discover options on how You Can Achieve This!


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