How You Can Profit Online From What Did Not Work In 2016 is best achieved by identifying what did not work. Only then can you implement a strategy that is proven to work.

It was July of 2012 when I had been searching for an agonizing 6 months, looking for that perfect side business,which I could work on the side without quitting my job. I reluctantly joined a company because it seemed like the best one I could find.

I did like all companies tell you to do, I made a “list” and called all my friends, family, co-workers, associates, and people that I randomly know from here or there.

At some point, I ran out of people to talk with. It wasn't my fault that I did not know thousands of people. Come to find out, this is a common problem with most people. Phew! I was not alone!

Up until the end of 2015, I struggled trying to build my business EXACTLY how the company prescribed.

Now… I'm NOT saying that the techniques I'm about to cover do not work at all… because they do. I have personal success with all of them.

What I AM saying is that I found a way to get in front of more people who are actually interested in building a business of their own, interested in a product or a service, OR interested in learning how to market their business online.

What this strategy allows you to do, if you were to implement it, is drive pre-qualified potential business partners to YOU. These are people who already have seen information about what you have to offer, and they are ready to take action.

How does this help you? It simply prevents you from having to hunt for people like they are prey. Instead, this strategy puts you in front of a targeted audience. They then contact YOU because they resonate with the video, audio or posts you are publishing. This automatically culls out those that are not interested, which gives you a higher conversion rate and a business that is sustainable, duplicable, and step-by-step for your future team to follow.

Here's what I changed in 2016 because of what did not completely work previously.


Belly To Belly

Pros: This is one of my favorite ways to meet with people. I am a people person and enjoy building relationships I can shake their hand, look them in the eye with a smile and have a nice chat about their goals, vision, and what they are needing in their lives.

Cons: This “in person” interaction limits the amount of people you can meet with daily. Time and physical location is the issue. I'm not saying this is a BAD way to build a business, it is just a slow way to build it. If you are wanting to go fast, like an airplane taking off, you have got to implement a way to get in front of more people.


Coffee Shops

Pros: There's something satisfying about having a cup of coffee. Just like meeting belly to belly above, this is a location in which that can happen. Coffee shops are a safe place for people to meet. It is not your home, it is neutral, there's usually food, decent Wifi, ambiance, and of course COFFEE…

Cons: Just like meeting someone belly to belly, there's only so many places you can go. You are limited by the commute time to get there, the cost of fuel and maintenance on your vehicle, small talk could cause meetings to run long, and if it is busy, then you may or may not have a place to sit.


Home or Hotel Meetings

Pros: Moving up in rank so that you can present to more people is the Home or Hotel Meetings. This is usually arranged at a time that most people are off work. Reps around your area promote the time and location so that they can all congregate at one central location. The presenters usually are the ones making the most money in the area, so they have more “credibility” when they speak. For a new rep, this is great because YOU do not have to give the presentation. Just get your people in front of the leaders and let them do the presenting. This is a great way to build up a local business.

Cons: This is usually limited to a couple days a week and the location is not conducive, just like the coffee shop, to everyone in the immediate vicinity. The time and location weeds out quite a few people because most often, they are held immediately after work lets out, and people have to deal with traffic. If they are held on weekends, the probability of getting people to show up could be prohibitive if they have family functions, sports games for the kids, or want to relax on the weekends. As for building a global business, this is a “local” approach and you probably won't be having people fly in from other countries to watch the presentation.


Profit Online & To Get More Reach, Globally

Pros: This particular strategy is the one that I began implementing in November of 2015, and continued strong during 2016. What it has allowed is to increase business reach to the global market. You are no longer confined to meeting people in coffee shops, or dragging bodies to home & hotel meetings. Gone are the days of tricking your prospects into coming to an opportunity meeting (you laugh because you know you've done it… shoot! I've done it, that's why I know!)

Now, you are able to conduct presentations and webinars for hundreds of people at the same time, where the participants are in multiple countries.

There is no constraint as to who you can get “belly to belly” with when using video conference calls. For instance… I'm in Austin, TX… One moment I can be talking with someone in California and then 15 minutes later I could be talking, face to face via video call to someone in Australia, and then 27 minutes later I can be chatting with my Adventure Partner up in Canada. You are not going to be able to do something like that meeting people in a coffee shop…. So sorry to burst your holier than thou mentality when you say, “I ONLY build my business belly to belly.” Quite frankly, you are limiting your business' growth because of your closed mindset.

Now imagine a plane taking off… Does it throttle up slowly? Or does it throttle up QUICKLY so that it can get up to speed to take off?

If you said, “throttle up quickly” then you are correct and you have the mindset that speed is a necessity of growing a sustainable business, quickly.

Cons: With everything that is good, there is normally something that may be a negative? Well… I wouldn't call this negative, per se… BUT in order to profit online, there are some things that must be setup first. So to think that you are going to jump on some training and all of the sudden you are going to have a million people contacting you on day one, that is not necessarily a truth. It could happen… but let's talk about the reality of how business is developed.


The Tides Turn For You

To get setup so that you drive pre-qualified potential business partners to you so that they are messaging, calling or sending friend requests to you DAILY, it will take a week or two… Or a month or three, depending on what your commitment level in setting yourself up for success is.

For me, I was profiting online within the first 2 weeks of setting up my marketing strategy. Why, you ask? Because I have goals to accomplish. So take ACTION & FAST!

My biggest struggle was that I didn't know how to break into the online market. It wasn't my fault that I had never gone to a school for marketing and wasn't sure on where to even begin.

That all changed when I approached a 6-figure earner at one of the business opportunity meetings I used to attend. I had asked him what all the top earners were doing to get there. His simple answer, “If you want to make a profit, you have got to learn how to brand and market yourself online. This way you can profit online by marketing to a larger audience, get in front of more people, and if you use video calls, you can still be belly to belly.”

He then showed me the marketing platform he used to learn how to do it and to train others on the team how to implement it successfully.

My mind was blown.

The platform had everything an online business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur would need to be successful. From teaching mindset of an entrepreneur, to teaching social media strategy, personal branding, blog and website setup in a couple clicks (no “Techy” BS), how to follow up with your leads or pre-qualified potential business partners and customers… The list goes on!

Actually… Here's the list:

  • Professional Blog Platform
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Create Custom Offers & Funnels
  • Marketing Training & Education
  • Done For You Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Webinar Invite Links
  • System Mastery Webinars
  • Beginner Marketing Guide PDF
  • Marketing Schedule PDF
  • New Member Orientation Webinars
  • Article Directory
  • Facebook Group & FanPage Access
  • Global Support Desk
  • Custom Autoresponder Integration
  • Custom Site Creator
  • Sample Ads & Resources
  • Split Testing
  • Video Hosting & Media Hosting
  • Custom Team Media Sharing
  • 5 Lead-Gen Bonuses – $1500 Value
  • Custom Member Options
  • 100% Pure Profit Products
  • Collect $100 Per Member Per Month Affiliate Program



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