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Are you ready to start waking up when you are done sleeping every day? You probably need a network marketing opportunity…

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Have you always wondered how to choose a network marketing opportunity that wasn’t some sort of pyramid?

Don’t worry, I was feeling the same way. I felt that if I didn’t DO anything different, then in a year or 10 from now, nothing was going to be different. Through a fellow Firefighter during shift change, I found a way to earn considerably more income than my “day-time” job would EVER pay AND would buy my time back! What I found is Network Marketing Opportunity!

How To Choose A Network Marketing Opportunity

There are several factors to consider when choosing any sort of network marketing opportunity or direct sales business opportunity. The most important thing to do FIRST is to do your RESEARCH. Not all opportunities are created equal. They all have their niche markets.

Network Marketing Business Ideas

Pick a company that resonates with you. Do you like peddling products? That is a huge question, because you need to USE the products in order to see their benefits. Or are you more of a service oriented type of person where you like to provide others with great service?

Products can be anything to include nutrition supplements, healthy water, premium coffees, cosmetics, lotions, potions and pills. Products can be fun to demonstrate. Sometimes you are required to purchase a considerable amount at wholesale and are expected to sell them for profit. In this case YOU are fronting quite a bit of cash. Do you have cash to do this? The benefits to having the products on hand is that your customers can buy them and have them immediately at your showing.

Some companies allow you to purchase samples for your demonstrations and then they will drop ship the products to the end consumer. This model is easier on the distributor’s pocket, but the customer now has to wait for their shipment to arrive.

Services can be a fun category to work with. While some services are considered to be luxury, there are other services that people already use. For instance, everyone uses electricity. There are a few network marketing opportunities you can partner with and take advantage of the deregulation of energy. What those companies do is provide a service that everyone already uses. They work because they are helping people save money on the service they already use!

Other service options might be in phone service. Long gone are the days of the long-distance carrier due to the wide spread usage of cell phones. So there are a few great companies to partner with that offer competitive cell phone service.

If you can think up a network marketing home business, there is probably a company who already fills that niche. You just have to do your due diligence.

How To Research Network Marketing Opportunity

First, you need to think about what sort of business you want to work with. The top 2 categories are Products or Services.

Second, you need to research what companies are available to partner with. Just because you found a company online, doesn’t mean they are a good company. You need to make sure they are solid by looking them up through credible sources such as:

DSN (Direct Selling News) “Direct Selling News serves executives in the direct selling industry and is designed to help top decision makers grow and manage their businesses.” – Direct Selling News

DSA (Direct Selling Association) “the DSA engages in public relations and lobbying efforts against regulation of the multi-level marketing industry, and it funds political candidates through a political action committee.” – Wikipedia

Business For Home – Direct Selling Facts and Figures & MLM News – Business For Home

Inc 500 or 5000 – “Inc. magazine, founded in 1979 and based in New York City, is an American monthly publication focused on growing companies. The magazine publishes an annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., the “Inc. 500.” – Wikipedia

Success From Home Magazine – “SUCCESS is your guide for personal and professional development through inspiration, motivation and training.” – Success From Home Magazine

BBB (Better Business Bureau) – Credibility through complaint resolution

Wall Street Journal – Nationally known business publication

Local & National, well known Publications

After looking through all these CREDIBLE sources, you must realize that there are naysayers everywhere you go. If you do a Google search on a company, be sure that you are looking at a CREDIBLE source – not some Joe’s rant page where he (or she) is pissed off about everything and has nothing good to say. This is why I say, look at CREDIBLE sources. The sites I listed above will house the information you are looking for to include top-earner’s pay, company annual revenue, where they rank on the different lists compared to their competition and how long the company has been around, just to name a few…

It Takes Money To Make Money

This is an interesting fact. If you were to partner with a large, known, brick and mortar coffee chain, you would have to front hundreds of thousands (or even a cool million) dollars to begin your store.

Not with network marketing opportunities.

In most cases, you can partner for as little as a couple hundred bucks. Quite a few multi level marketing opportunities even have incentives so that you can earn back your startup fee within the first week or two in business and start turning a profit within the same week or month! This is great because it allows people who don’t have a ton of money to be able to partner and start building their income stream to “escape” from cubicle hell.

Very Little Overhead Costs

Besides a small startup fee, most have a “website” fee to keep your sites up and running. It costs money to host websites, and most companies are just covering those costs. Monthly fees are normally $20-30 bucks. Considering YOU did not have to be the webmaster and code the site, setup the shopping cart, integrate with the different transmission distribution utilities, setup the drop shipping integrations… the list goes on… that is a pretty low cost to own your own business! Even the guy who has a lawn mowing company has more overhead then you do!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is quite a bit you can research. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding how to find a certain piece of information. I would love to help you find the right company that fits YOUR personality!

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