Most people would love to know How To Build A Travel Laptop Lifestyle And Win. Today, we are going to drive down the road of 5 Tips On How To Build A Travel Laptop Lifestyle Business.

You have always imagined the freedom you could have by living a Travel Laptop Lifestyle Business. Too often do you catch yourself looking at the image of traveling to the huts above the water in Tahiti, visiting a Treehouse in a majestic forest, or even chill on the beach while building your online business.

Whatever your passion, there is a way to achieve it… And sitting in a cubicle is not going to get you there! You are ready to have FUN in what you do! You keep telling yourself and being chained down for this long has got to change!

Let's check out 5 steps to start making this laptop lifestyle a reality beginning today!

1) Make A Decision To Begin A Laptop Lifestyle

You've seen the movie “Office Space” way too many times.  You now know that tearing down the cubicle walls is the only way you are going to get out… or you can just walk out!

It wasn't until I made a decision to begin a laptop lifestyle, did it start to change for me. Originally I just started with a Network Marketing company back in July of 2012 thinking THAT was going to be my ticket. It wasn't… I was confined into thinking I had to go to hotel meetings and home parties constantly. You probably have felt the same thing.

This decision is yours and yours alone. You have all the power in your life. Not your boss. Not your mom. Not your dog.

YOU are a grown-up and your dreams matter.

The moment that YOU make the DECISION for yourself is the moment you can make this happen.

Imagine how your loved ones will see you as their hero when you develop a laptop lifestyle that will allow you to spend more time with them? It will feel amazing!

So make the decision today to learn and implement what you must do to make this happen. We'll get into some step-by-step roadmap stuff in a bit (This is the fun stuff on how you get everything setup so that you can start being profitable this month!).

2)Decide On A Business

What are you wanting to do? This post insinuates that you are wanting to travel and build a laptop lifestyle around that.

There are many businesses available for you to partner with… What is your passion? What are your goals? What is it that resonates with your life.

The worst thing you could do is jump on a business because someone says, “Dude! You gotta start with my business because the widgets we sell are on the ground floor and you have first mover advantage!”

Every business is not for everyone. Now that we understand that, we do not have to collect businesses as a hobby. You are wanting to make some extra cash flow or replace your income. By jumping from one business to the next, you will not be able to establish yourself. This is why it is sooo important to look within before making a decision to begin a business.

Look within yourself and decide what sorts of things resonate with you… Are you the traveling type? If so, look into traveling businesses.

It took me way too long and I invested in way too many businesses before I realised that I do not resonate with selling lotions, potions and pills, energy supplements, and kilowatts.

What I did resonate with, when I finally found it, was travel.

I have always loved traveling and the one thing holding me back from doing more of it was MONEY.

So I made a decision to pick the most widely recognized travel business on the market.

Your decision is your own. If travel is your passion, schedule a Discovery Call with me and I can reveal to you what you could start now that could allow you to start doing what you love (which is NOT sitting in the cubicle!).


3) Pick Your Target Audience

Your target audience is who you resonate with. Ask yourself a few questions. What do you like? What do you like to do? What type of activities do you enjoy?

You must figure out who your audience is before you start to market to them. This way you know how to set yourself up online.

Remember, you are going to attract that which you desire. And you desire living a laptop lifestyle, so marketing to jetsetters, globetrotters, and digital nomads may be your niche market.

You may consider looking at travel keywords so that you know what is already being ranked on Google. This way you can work with keywords that are already getting traffic.


4) Brand Yourself

Branding yourself is important when building a laptop lifestyle. Your brand is a reflection on who you are.

When someone sees your brand, they should know what to expect. It should be laid out clear.

One of the things that we go over on the Roadmap To Building An Online Business, is the steps to establish a solid brand.

Your brand will be displayed in your logo, your social media cover photos, your website color theme, and brand identity. When someone goes from one platform to the next, they know that they are still viewing the content by YOU.

So pick a name that resonates with you. This is something that will stick with you for a long time.

5) Implement Online Marketing

The last step in setting up your Travel Laptop Lifestyle is implementing online marketing. The goal of your business is to be able to be in business wherever you have a WiFi connection. Hence… Laptop Lifestyle.

To market online, amateurs plaster their ads and push their business links on everyone. This is not a successful approach.

Become a professional by learning online marketing from a reputable source. What this will afford you is the step-by-step approach to learning to market online like professionals. You will become a professional online marketer because that's how the laptop lifestyle works!

Something to think about is historically, 2 out of 10 people will either use your product, service, or join your business. So for those who do not, they are going to want to learn how to market like a professional. So by having the ability to offer them marketing training will help them build their business and put an extra stream of income in your business.

Something that my Adventure Partner and I setup is a step-by-step 10-Day Roadmap that shows you exactly how to setup your social media, setup your blog, start your marketing, and show you what to do each day. The benefit for you is that you are able to have exclusive access to the information that is not published freely online. This roadmap is ONLY for our Tribe members and we could share this information with you now that you are ready to implement what you have learned here today.

So jump on a Discovery Call and we will go over your vision, what you want to achieve in life and how you could begin your laptop lifestyle starting today.

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