Free Yourself In What Brings You Joy… Imagine living a life where the people you associate with, the things in your life, & the places you reside did not bring you joy. How would that feel? Would you enjoy life? Discover how you could free yourself in what brings you joy.

It wasn't long ago when I felt weighed down by life. Everything around me seemed to feel like an anchor. I was surrounded by things, relationships, and businesses that I did not resonate with, which brought on stress in my life.

So what did I start to do? I ran from it all… I pushed away, purged, dumped, trashed, and escaped things that were not bringing me joy.

Why did I need those “things” in my life?

I didn't need them! Actually, they were an anchor that prevented growth. Things from the past I would see that would weigh me down.

I had to give back to the Universe what was causing this mental anguish.

Purge. Donate. Sell. Cut Ties.

Whatever I needed to do to rid myself of the things, I did it.

What Brings You Joy: Things

It wasn't until recently that I moved almost every year of my life. For one reason or another, each year I had “packing day” and “moving day.”

I love traveling and can't seem to stay in one spot very long. Be it moving to a new city or even to a new side of town so that I can have a new experience, I had to go.

As the years went on, it is amazing the things that one accumulates. Why is it I held all that mail? All those things collecting dust?

Do these things serve me?

I'm not materialistic and too many times did I wish that the neighbors in the apartment next door would leave the pot of beans on too long and burn the place down. I always had renters insurance, so I wasn't worried about that.

How freeing would it be to have nothing, but have everything at the same time.

My boxes were full and stress built.

“Why do I even cart this shit from one place to another?” Time to purge.

I hold things in my hands and think to myself, “Does this bring me joy?”

Disassociate yourself from what it is and in an instant, allow yourself to let go of what doesn't serve you INSTANTLY.

This is when the stress was lifting. I found that I no longer needed THINGS in my life to feel the void of need.

What was it that I really needed? Was it material things?


What Brings You Joy: Relationships

This time I was moving because of a broken relationship.

For a beneficial relationship, both partners must equally benefit. If one is bearing down on the other, ridiculing, being nasty or unappreciative, is that REALLY a relationship you want?

Hold that “relationship” in your mind and think, “Does this bring me joy.” If it does not, cut the ties.

The United States Census Bureau reports that there are a little over 7.3 billion humans on Earth, as of this writing.

If you are thinking that you are stuck with what you are with, get out and travel! Find yourself an Adventure Partner! You are making yourself your own prisoner in misery!

If there is negativity on my Facebook News Feed, GONE. I don't have time for negativity to permeate my life.

If someone calls on me complaining, it is time for a mindset shift if they want the conversation to continue.

I no longer allow other people's trash to bring me down.

By being this way, I have attracted the most interesting, fulfilling relationships on every level you could imagine. From friendships to business partners. The people contacting me are driven, motivated, saturated with personal development, and truly interested in seeing the success in those around them. They also give an extreme amount of value to those they surround themselves with!


What Brings You Joy: Entrepreneurship

A day does not go by that someone pitches me their business. I love that!

Why? Because it gives me an opportunity to help them succeed in their business. We all have room to grow, and the more people who learn that giving value to others, sharing success stories and the benefits of their products or services, the less likely they are to be in “Pitch Mode, Hard Selling Mo-Fo Version 2017!”

I used to collect businesses. It was a hobby.

Really, I was experimenting with myself. What did I resonate with?

By immersing myself in the culture, I could explore the leadership within companies, finding out quickly what I resonate with or not.

As a successful entrepreneur, you will experience the good, the bad, and the ugly side of humans and businesses.

Are you attracted to the next “shiny-business-opportunity-ground-floor-first-of-its-kind-jiggawatt-technology”? Do you REALLY resonate with that?

What is your vision? What is company's vision? Do you completely resonate with the product or service?

Hold that company & close your eyes saying, “Does this company bring me joy?”

If it does not, PURGE.



Society has become hoarders of toxicity. Look into yourself to decide what it is that resonates within your soul. The material things that serve you, you should keep because they are USEFUL.

The relationships that you form must bring you joy and be mutually beneficial to thrive.

The business opportunities available are endless. Be sure that what you are serving resonates with you & your soul. If there's something about it that you do not like, be truthful about that aspect when talking about the benefits of your product or service.

By being authentic in yourself, you will attract the target audience, pre-qualified customer and business partners who want to do business with you. These are people you did not have to pitch because the benefits you have given to them in their lives is what establishes a powerful bond in relationships. This is prosperity in its finest.

Become more unto yourself so that you can BE more to those around you.

IMAGINE having people contacting YOU daily because of your authentic message. You could become a Digital Nomad, an Online Business Entrepreneur, and a complete inspiration to those that connect with you.

Gone are the days of chasing and hunting people to be your customer and business partner because you have held your standards high, sounding your message at a high frequency and vibration, attracting that which you desire.

YOU could learn how to do this!

Jump on a Discovery Call with me today. Let's discover your vision, your passion, and what resonates within your soul so that YOU can build prosperity through authenticity!


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