All too often, people defer life for 30 years in hopes of happiness when they “retire.” The unfortunate truth is that most people live in this as their reality. Get ready to see what you can do today to start living a life filled with happiness now.

I had enough! Sitting in a cubicle, populating spreadsheets with metrics reports & product selector database fields was going to bury me.

Is this how the next 30+ years are going to be?

Driving a commute that I never remembered was scary. I guess time travel does exist and it is a wonder how I never ran into any of the other commuting zombies on the road… Or vice versa.

What is the point of all this? Working on autopilot, in misery, in a place where I was just another dead soul in a cubicle is not my idea of happiness.

By now you are feeling the same way I felt. Helpless. Stuck. Underappreciated. Used. Wanting more out of life.

Crazy to think how we sell our lives to a company in hopes of happiness when we retire. No matter how many years in the workforce, we all talk about what we're going to do when we retire & how great life is going to be.

The unfortunate truth is that even if you put in 30 years, the probability of having a substantial retirement savings, 401(k), or pension is highly unlikely.

That's not your fault. They never told you that by going to college, you were just being groomed to be overworked & underpaid for what your life is worth. The moment you graduate, corporations scoop you up & put you on your hamster wheel to run & feel like you are going nowhere. I know this because I lived through this.

Why do people work like a slave to live like a Millionaire?

You have been feeling this pain… I did. And the only way to numb it was to drink myself to a near coma every night.

I cannot count how many bottles of Jack Daniel's I consumed. I can tell you, however, that I don't remember much from those years stuck in the cubicle.

No one was happy.

Something had to change.

Deferring life for 30 years in hopes of happiness was something that I made a decision to change.
I would imagine what life would be like with true time freedom. I imagined where I would be… What I would be doing… Who I would be experiencing adventures with… And why I had not done anything about it sooner.

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I made a decision to DO something about it.

The only way to get off that hamster wheel is to run perpendicular to the way it spins.



Why We Defer Life

Security… (mainly financial). Most people feel like by having a job, they are financially secure.

News Flash! That is farther from the truth than you can imagine. They preach this shit to you because they need employees.

So we are sold that our JOBS are solid. They may be until the company restructures & determines your position is no longer required.

You just became a business transaction.

Your world flipped upside down & now your “tenure”, your “years of service” no longer count in the next company you are hired at.

We defer life because we get two weeks off a year.
Why work as a slave?

Because that's all you know! No fault unto yourself!


Making The Change

Realization that a change must be made is the first step to freeing yourself.

This is an incremental change. You can still have whatever “security” your JOB has to offer while you transition out of deferring life so that you can achieve happiness now.

It is what you do with your time while you are not clocked in that will allow you to make the change.

Decide what happiness means to you. This is important for the next phase in your transition.

For me, being full-time with my Adventure Partner, Erin, and traveling worldwide is ultimate freedom & happiness.

Travel may not be what you are wanting. That's ok. We all have different desires in life.

The key to note here is that this change is about leveraging your abilities to free up your time.

Time is our most valuable asset & THAT is what the change could free up more of.

When I was transitioning & making the change, I assessed what I was doing with my time. What were the things I did on a daily basis? Was I watching sitcoms or sports on TV? Drinking? Partying? Playing video games? Being consumed by silly videos on social media?

Put a big check mark next to all of those things!

They are all time-suckers.

Time to clean house! Anything that did NOT propel me towards living life now, I deferred.

What this does is free up your time so that you can start putting your free time towards firing your boss.

Your boss is taking more time from you than anything else.

If only there was a way to keep being paid without having to work for that ass hole, life would be perfect!

If there was a way to work a few hours a day, on your own terms, from anywhere on the globe, THAT would be even better!

Guess What??? I Found A Way!

A book to help open your mind to the possibility is The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss.

Anyone who is wanting to live now, experience happiness now, work on your own terms, & potentially earn more income in a month than you did last year has got to read that book.

Back to what I found, which you have got to see!

Imagine setting up a business that becomes completely automated. You automate your processes, the supply chain, the delivery, the collections, the advertising… Everything! You put in a few hours a day, essentially acting as quality control just to ensure things are running smoothly.

Tim Ferriss ended up making a business that paid, on auto pilot, $40k+/month.

All this was done online.

Now he had a sports supplement made, which his website sold.

You don't have to do that. You could… But there's another way.

The way I did it is similar to Tim's way in that it is still using the online business model, but it is in digital products. These are products that show people, step-by-step, how to sell products and services online.

Imagine having a constant stream of people interested in whatever niche market you decide to be in.
You would be found online because you have the solution to what people are looking for. You have a product or service that would enhance someone's life in a way that they will be piling up in a digital line to buy what you are selling.

How would this change your life? Would it free up your time because now YOU have control over your hours? YOU have control over your income? YOU make the decision on when you wake up every morning?
Think for a moment on how that would feel. Close your eyes & imagine how lucky your family would be to have you home… Taking them on trips… Enjoying experiences together… Enjoying each other's love!

You can have that, and more!

There's a new way of living life now so that you do not have to defer life for the next 30 years. This is something they did not teach you in college (I know because I went… Got a Bachelors of Science & was not given what you have here.)

What you have access to is a complete, step-by-step Blueprint that shows how to get setup online. This is something that you could do now.

The Blueprint Reveals EXACTLY How To:

  • Setup your blog & website to rank on Google
  • Build Social Media Strategies to grow an audience fast
  • Build your list
  • Promote your products and/or services
  • Use videos to market
  • Print cash using email marketing
  • Market online
  • Setup a daily mode of operation to maximize your time
  • … And a whole lot more!

Essentially, what you get is a complete implementation guide & step-by-step “How To” videos that walk you through conception to income being deposited to your bank account.

The only variable is YOU!

By now you have felt the pressure from your job for way too long & you are Now Ready To Begin building your very own business online.

You know you can do it because now you have the Blueprint, which you will receive the moment you have made the decision to do something different in your life that could actually pull in the results you have been dying to achieve. You know that if you do not do anything different that you will continue to be in the same position you are in, or worse, 6 months, a year, shoot! Five years from now!

Imagine what life would be like if YOU actually woke up each morning refreshed and ready to go on a new experience with the ones you love most? Imagine the adventures you could go on! Imagine items getting checked off your bucket list!

How would this make you feel? Alive? Purposeful? Loved? Sought after? Held high in regard by your peers? Accomplished?

This could be your reality starting today but only if you Take The First Step Now & Get Started.
What are you afraid of? Failing? The only way you could fail is if you don't get started & if you quit after you got started.

Calm your nerves because knowing that you have a step-by-step guide & me to answer questions along the way gives you ultimate peace of mind. This gives YOU the power to achieve your goals & start living life now instead of deferring it for 30+ years.

The decision is yours & yours alone to Get Started Now. You know what to do. You have the ultimate power to Start Living Your Dreams Now & you know that if you do not act now, you will be in the exact situation that you are in, or worse, in the next 6-12 months!

Now is the time that the rubber meets the road. You are finally on the path to where you want to be & have the step-by-step roadmap to it.

Breathe a sigh of relief because you are about to embark on an endeavor that will make YOU the jealous topic of conversation amongst your co-workers & friends! They all will be wondering how you did it! Enjoy those feelings for a few min, then help them out by showing them what you found. They will love you for that & you will be a hero in their eyes!

Time to take the first step…
Learn How To Get Access To The Blueprint Now


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