Let’s get real about why attraction marketing could eliminate the salesman in you & your business. Wouldn’t you like to increase your cash-flow and not feel like a sleazy salesman or saleswoman? You are going to learn 3 Simple Steps on How To Eliminate The Salesperson In YOU TODAY!

Before we get into it, I want to share a quick, personal story of how I was once a sleazy “salesman” and what I did to kick that mentality to the curb because, quite frankly, it doesn’t fucking work!

July 15th, 2012 was the day I ran into a home business that I truly believed would change my life financially. Just like any business, there was a “sales” aspect to it, which was to promote the service the company offered.

Seemed easy enough…

So I put on, what I thought at the time, was the BEST way to attack this new business… I put on my salesman attitude and did just that… I tried to SELL people on what I thought was AMAZING!

Why the heck would someone NOT want to be my customer!

Boy was I wrong! I approached people and just word vomited all over them! I blasted them in the face with, “YOU NEED THIS AND HERE’S WHY!”

If only I knew what attraction marketing was, I would have NEVER done that approach, because being a “salesman” does NOT work. It actually REPELLS people away from you.

Wouldn’t you like to know what to do, from the get go, on how to be extremely profitable without pissing everyone you know off?

IMAGINE if when you talked with people, they actually wanted to work with you or be your customer or learn to market like you.

IMAGINE that people would actually call YOU to learn about your product, service, business or marketing…

Imagine what that would do for your business…

You would not have to cold call any longer.

You would have pre-verified potential business partners or pre-verified customers calling you, beating down the door, messaging you or contacting you in some way about joining YOU!

This is totally possible as following these steps is EXACTLY what I did to turn around the shit-storm I unintendedly created early on in my business.

Luckily for YOU, I am going to spare YOU the pain that I went through so that YOU could be successful right out of the gate.

Let’s Get Started!


Step 1 – Get a Mentor –or- Coach

Most people who begin a home business, brick & mortar business, network marketing business or multi-level-marketing business have NEVER been in business before.

These types of businesses are designed for ANYONE to be able to begin at a low cost of entry and a way that you could earn income on the side of what you are currently doing.

You are going to invest either Time or Money (or both) to become successful.

By investing TIME, you could lose out on a ton of cash because you may not know the income producing activities necessary to start your success quickly.

By investing MONEY, you could lose out on a ton of THAT because you are just pumping money into a “system” that you hope will be successful.

Without knowing the step-by-step activities necessary to become successful, you will probably fail…. But it’s NOT your fault because you just didn’t know!

The reason why investing a little cash into a coach or mentor will increase your chances of success is that THEY already have success in what you are wanting to achieve.

Success leaves clues.

If you implement the step-by-step approach they show you, the probability of your failure is GREATLY diminished, and the only way you could fail is if YOU quit or do not apply what they show you.

So getting a coach is extremely important because they are going to cut the amount of time you waste trying to figure it out on your own AND they are going to decrease the amount of money you pump into the system because they will show you what income producing activities you should focus your time and money on. A coach will also show you how to be a professional by using attraction marketing!


Step 2 – Provide Value To Others By Using Attraction Marketing

There is something about value that people like to buy.

When building your business as a Digital Nomad, start by asking questions of whoever you are speaking with. By finding out what it is that someone is missing in their life, you will be able to know whether or not they are in need of your product, service or actually needing to earn extra cash on the side of what they are currently doing.

You are not the one who decides what someone needs, which is why you must see how you could be of most value to them… Find out what THEY need!

By truly caring about those you speak with, one-by-one, you will be able to grow YOUR business because YOU truly care about what they need in their lives.

Your goal should be to enrich those around you with valuable information that could help them in their lives. By doing this, people will hunt you down because they will want the solution to their pain or problem and YOU have it to offer them!


Step 3 – Provide Relief To Your Audience

Now that you have built the relationship and have identified what it is that your “prospect” is needing in their lives, you are able to show them what YOU did to “fix” that problem in your own life.

This is a non-aggressive way to sell to people because you are providing a solution to their pain. They are not “buying” what you are selling… They are taking advantage of the solution to their pain and YOU just so happen to be providing it!

In easing their pain, you provide them with a solution. This way, they are more apt to buy because you are NOT telling them that they need something…

You are showing them that IF they want that pain to go away, you have the thing that could do it… But ONLY if they use the product, service, marketing, etc… consistently.


YOU are ready to turn the switch ON for becoming an Attraction Marketer. The value you could give someone is way more than the “sale” you could make. This is what makes them want to be a repeat customer or become a business partner!

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