You are an entrepreneur and have been trying to figure out what 5 Things Entrepreneurs Do Daily. Today's post is going to go over the top 5 things entrepreneurs do daily that YOU could implement right now.

My biggest struggle in business has been to find that “Secret Sauce” which would cause my business to explode! I always saw how people in my same entrepreneurial space were getting results quickly because they had leads flowing in daily & people were joining their business several times a day.

It wasn't until I found the resource online that showed me a step-by-step approach on how to do this exactly.

I knew that I needed leads coming in of people actually interested in my product, service & business.

I knew that to grow my business that I needed people to buy my product or service.

I knew that I needed people to partner so that we could create a leveraged business together.

And I knew that I had already run out of my “hot” and “warm” market because I already called every human I knew.

Today YOU are in luck. These 5 Things Entrepreneurs Do Daily are the EXACT things that I learned, which finally made it so that people contact ME daily. And if YOU implement these things, too, your target market will be contacting YOU DAILY!

Let's get started!

1) Content Creation Daily

Creating content daily is one of the TOP ways to build your business. Why is this? People are online EVERY SECOND looking for the solution to their problem. Every time someone goes to Google, they have a problem. That problem is solved by whoever's website shows up in the top 5 results. When YOU create content that solves that problem, YOUR website could show up in the search results, you now have someone checking out your site! If you sell a product or service that solves this problem, they could potentially be your customer.

Types Of Content You Could Create:

  • Blog Posts
  • Facebook Posts (videos, pictures, engaging text)
  • Video Posts On YouTube
  • Instagram Posts
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Twitter Posts

How To Setup Your Content Creation

  1. Paint a picture of the problem
  2. Describe the pain they are experiencing with that problem
  3. Show the SOLUTION to the problem
  4. CTA (Call To Action) – Show people that they could get their hands on the system YOU use so that THEY don't have to go through the same pain YOU went through

2) Expose Your Products To People Daily

Although this SEEMS like a no-brainer. This was a huge revelation to me! Did you know that the more people that see your product, service or business opportunity, the more people will be your customer or business partner?

I had a huge problem. People were not receptive to me and I couldn't figure out why UNTIL I found THE Step-By-Step SOLUTION.

Come to find out, the more that you are in front of people, the more they Know, Like & Trust you.

So to get in front of more people and become the “hunted”, you could do some the following:

3) Grow Your Audience Daily

I know in #2 above, I listed quite a few things that you could do.

DO NOT do all of them at once… You will be stretched thin for time, and I'm going to show you how to be most effective so that you don't have to spend a ton of time on it each day.

Utilize ONE or TWO at the most of the things above.

For me, I use my Blog and Facebook Business Page to grow my audience.

The blog is used to post valuable content that solves a problem. When people Google for answers to their problem, my blog shows up in the search results because I created a piece of content that provides the solution to their problem.

My Facebook Business Page is used to syndicate my blog to grow a list of people who follow my posts, videos & pictures. When you get “LIKES” on your Facebook Business Page, every time you post interesting information, your audience will see your post!


4) Feed Your Soul Personal Development Daily

When I got started as an entrepreneur, I had no idea what personal development was or what its purpose was.

Now I cannot go a day without it!

I used to struggle with mindset, feeling like I was not good enough, feeling like no one would want to work with me, feeling that no matter what I did, nothing would work… the list goes on!

I was constantly beating myself up mentally because I had not developed into a positive person who could achieve his goals.

This all changed when I went to an event and listened to Tony Robbins speak.

It was THAT moment that I realized that there was something in me that must change. I must become greater in myself so that I could be of more value to other.

Here Are A Few Things Successful People Do Daily To Achieve A Better Mindset:

  • Listen to morning wake-up calls on mindset, personal development, business growth
  • Listen to audiobooks from people like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell & Dave Ramsey (just to name a few) while in the car driving
  • Reach out to top earners in my space and get mentorship
  • Speak daily affirmations


5) Wake-Up Calls & Entrepreneurial Podcasts Daily

MLSP_Wake-Up CallEvery day I listen to a LIVE wake-up call. This is designed to increase your mindset, develop personally, develop your business with business building techniques and re-wire your brain for success.

Here's the info for the one I get on:
Moday – Friday @ 11:00am Eastern 712-432-3431 Access Code: 399808#






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